VISA to Italy

There are various type of VISA available to non EU residents, use this easy questionnaire to find out which are the best options for you

Find your visa

Find your visa
You don't need any visa
You need a visa to enter Italy

Answer the following 5 questions to find your options:

1. Do you generate at least € 31,000 in passive invome sources (financial income, dividends, capital gains, pensions, rental income)?
2. Do you currently operate as freelancer in your home country earning more than € 8,500 per year?
3. Are you a director in a foreign company?
4. Would you be able to invest € 250,000 in a local Italian startup?
5. Do you have any close relative living in Italy?

You might qualify for the following other visa.

  • Startup VISA
  • EU Blue Card
  • Study VISA
  • Corporate position VISA

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