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Wealth Protection Service in Italy

Our Wealth Protection's Service

Wealth takes time and effort to generate and requires a careful and professional advice to be maintained and not altered preserving its value and ensuring a stronger financial future to you and your family. Accounting Bolla can advise you on the relevant aspects of decision involving your wealth, protecting it with domestic and international trust, foundations in local and foreign jurisdiction; we can also manage the acquisition and deployment of assets to maximize your wealth. Most importantly we aim to ensure you the protection of your wealth and its full compliance with laws and regulations surrounding investments, taxes, properties and accounting. We aim to be considered a reliable partner to undertake the most important decision of your life, advising you and guiding you through the opportunities available. Check also our articles about coronavirus financial support for Italian companies, sales tax in Italy, and freelancing in Italy. Watch also our video about opening a Partita Iva.
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