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Italian New residents regime

Check out the rientro dei cervelli benefit

New rules from January 1st 2024 on the Regime Impatriati scheme of Italy

Who can qualify?

This tax benefit is available for individuals who:
Were not Italian tax residents for the last three tax years;
Will stay in Italy for at least four tax years

The applicant then enjoys a 50% tax exemption on his income for 5 years, capped at € 600,000 in earnings per annum.

Employees must meet
the following criteria

Be resident abroad in the previous 3 tax years
Stay in Italy for four tax years
Possess a high skill occupation
Carry out the work from Italy

This applies to athletes too.

Self employed individuals
must meet the following criteria:

Setup a partita IVA in Italy;
Be resident abroad in the previous 3 tax years
Stay in Italy for four tax years

This also works for new businesses in Italy, such as Airbnb, startups, and any other industry with no restrictions.

Inter company transfer

Should you be relocated to Italy through an inter company transfer, your foreign residency period is increased to 6 years if you were not prior working for the same group while in Italy. 10 in the event of the same company group.

Moving with your child?

Should you have a dependent child while moving to Italy, the tax exemption percentage is then increased to 60%, therefore leaving 40% of your income subject to taxes.

Possible extension to 8 years

If you moved in 2024 and purchased a home in the 12 months prior, you can request an extra three years extension allowing you to benefit of this scheme for up to 8 years.

How can we help you?

Assessing if you qualify for the tax benefit;
Providing support for the Immigration process;
Help you obtaining the required VISA
Applying for the tax credit;
Refunding any tax paid in excess during the previous years.

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