Moving to Italy?

​Check this tax benefit

After the enormous success of the 2015 tax reduction scheme for expats, in 2019 the Italian government decided to extend and boost it with a new great offer for new residents starting from 2020. Up to 90% tax break on your income!

Who can qualify?

The tax credit is available for individuals who: Were not Italian tax residents for the last 2 tax years; Will stay in Italy for at least two tax years​ There is no requirement for college degrees nor to have a high skills profile!

Employees must meet
the following criteria

Be resident abroad in the previous 2 tax years Stay in Italy for two tax years If you have a college degree you do not need to stay in Italy for two years

Self employed individuals
must meet the following criteria:

Setup a partita IVA in Italy; ​Be resident abroad in the previous 2 tax years Stay in Italy for two tax years ​ ​This also works for new businesses in Italy, such as Airbnb, startups, and any other business activities.

How does it work?

Taxable income is reduced by 70% for 5 years.​ Normally, if your taxable income is € 70,000.00 then your tax bill would be around € 23,500.00 But the tax credit allows you to pay taxes on just 30% of your taxable income, so your taxable income becomes € 21,000.00, and the tax payable is reduced to € 7,000.00.

Moving to the South?

If you move to the South of Italy in a qualifying region (Abruzzo, Molise, Apulia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Sicily or Sardinia) you will only be taxed on 10% of your income​

Possible extension to 10 years

Should you purchase any residential property or claim a family dependant the regime is extended for further 5 years, meaning that you can benefit of this regime for 10 years.

How can we help you?

Assessing if you qualify for the tax benefit; Providing support for the Migration process; Help you obtaining the required VISA Applying for the tax credit; Refunding any tax paid in excess during the previous years. Do you want to stay updated with the latest Italian tax developments? Like our Facebook page!
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