One tax, 28 options

All you need to know about EU VAT

Since the inception of the EU, the founding countries have agreed to integrate their respective fiscal system harmonizing the taxes among countries and their brackets; at today’s date the EU tax system still seems far away from completion highlighting its fragmentation and differences among countries. This scenario can provide multiple opportunities to businesses looking for establishing within the EU boundaries. Check out also our articles about filing your taxes in Italy, and freelancing in Italy. ​Consider watching also our video below about paying your taxes in Italy. Different VAT and sales tax brackets and filing requirements can result in different overall results of the business aiming to reduce its paperwork and the tax incidence for its clients. Accounting Bolla can assist you in locating your business in Europe and suggesting the best VAT regime to apply to your business locally and internationally. Accounting Bolla helps you in VAT direct registration in Italy and other EU countries. You don’t need to incorporate your business in Italy to sell goods to individuals and companies.
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