Every country has a unique code to identify its taxpayers called Tax Identification Number (TIN); the Italian TIN is called Codice Fiscale or Fiscal Code Number.
The Italian fiscal code is not simply used to file your tax return, but rather to complete numerous tasks on a daily basis.

Every Italian citizen born in Italy is assigned a codice Fiscale at birth, while Italian citizens born overseas or any other foreign citizen must request one.

When is a Codice Fiscale needed?

The Codice Fiscale is required to:

  • Set up a resident bank account;
  • Sign an employment contract;
  • Setup a Partita IVA as a freelance;
  • Sign utilities contract;
  • File taxes (check our guide), get a tax refund;
  • Access the health system;
  • Sign a rental contract;
  • Purchase (sell) motor vehicles;
  • Setup a company in Italy (check our guide);
  • Enrol at any Italian University course.

​Having a Codice Fiscale does not trigger any tax obligation on your side, you are not required to file any tax return upon being granted the Fiscal Code.

How do I get a Codice Fiscale?

In order to apply for the Italian Fiscal code, you need first to fill this paper form providing the following information:

  • Surname;
  • First name;
  • Country of birth;
  • Date of birth;
  • Overseas residency.

Note that you must disclose your name(s) as they appear on your passport; this is crucial to avoid any potential amendments to your Codice Fiscale in the future.

At this point you must sign the form and file the application to the relevant tax office; you can do it personally or via a representative who can apply on your behalf. If you apply in person or through a representative, they will issue the tax code on a same-day service basis (over the counter).
It is also possible to apply overseas at the local Italian embassy or consulate.

There is no charge, nor stamp duty to pay when filing the Codice Fiscale application; as of today, it is not possible to apply online.

Is the Tessera Sanitaria the same as Codice Fiscale?

The Tessera Sanitaria is the Italian Health Insurance Card. Every resident must use it to access the Italian Universal Health Service program  (SSN – Servizio Sanitario Nazionale), such as:

  • General Practitioner appointments;
  • Drug and prescription purchases;
  • Specialist examinations and diagnostics;
  • Admission to a public hospital.

In order to request the Tessera Sanitaria, you must be a resident of Italy AND have a valid Codice Fiscale in place.
Upon being granted residency (check out how) you can apply for the Tessera Sanitaria and access the Italian healthcare system.

How can Accounting Bolla help you?

Accounting Bolla can act as your representative to fill and submit the requested form in order to acquire the Italian fiscal code.
​Enquire now, and get your Codice Fiscale remotely


  1. Hello
    I bought an Italian property in 2006 and am now looking to sell it. It didn’t seem to matter when we bought our house but the Fiscale Codes for both myself and my wife had minor spelling mistakes in our names. Do we need to get these altered before we sell?
    eg My middle name is spelled Willkiam instead of William and my wife’s name has been spelled Elisabeth instead of Elizabeth.
    Is this important?
    Kind regards

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