Residency And Citizenship In Italy

Immigration to Italy

Immigrating in Italy by Investment

What will this article talk about? Italy has long been a destination for travelers seeking art, culture, and the rich history that this European nation has to offer. But what many might not know is that Italy offers a pathway to immigration through investment. In this article, we will explore the lesser-known aspects of immigrating …

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ancient theater - Retire to Sicily

Retiring to Sicily

Why You Should Consider Sicily Sicily is an excellent choice for a retirement location if we compare it to mainland Italy. It is a place that is both European, and not. Sicily’s cultural history is rich and the island often changed hands and was influenced by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spanish and French—all …

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Puglia coast-retire to Puglia

Retiring to Puglia

Why You Should Consider Puglia Puglia is Italy’s stiletto heel. It’s not far from Albania or from Greece’s formerly-British island colony of Corfù where many residents speak both English and Greek in addition to some Italian. This proximity creates an interesting blend of foods and cultures, though the two could easily be combined. Because Puglia …

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american passport and flag-living in Italy with a green card

Living (and Paying Taxes) in Italy with a Green Card

Expats in Italy If you have gone through the long process of obtaining the Italian permesso di soggiorno—also known as the residence permit or green card, then your next step (if you plan on working) is figuring out how to properly pay taxes in Italy. Permanent residents and US citizens who earn over the standard …

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how to open spid - man holding passport

How to Open SPID

What Is an SPID? The Public Digital Identity System (SPID) is a digital identity made up of a pair of encrypted personal credentials (username and password) that should never be shared with anyone. It was designed to increase transparency on how data is managed and provide an efficient service regarding transferring important information. Personal data …

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Newspaper and bills -Capital Gains Tax in Italy

Capital Gains Tax in Italy

In this article we will cover what a capital gain is, what counts as one, what the tax exemptions are and how capital gains apply to Italian residents as well as how they apply to non-residents. What a Capital Gain Is In the Italian tax system there are six categories of income: employment income, business …

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Italian citizenship | Positive black woman in hijab showing flag of Italy

Documents required for Italian citizenship: our guide

The process and documents required for obtaining Italian citizenship are different depending on the circumstances through which you are trying to obtain it. The standard documents that will be required for any of these processes in Italy are: valid passport, meaning that it has not expired and will not expire within the next six months; residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) if living in Italy, …

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Obtaining Italian citizenship for a spouse | Obtaining Italian citizenship for a spouse

Obtaining Italian citizenship for a spouse

​The foreign spouse of an Italian citizen may apply for Italian citizenship 2 years after the marriage if the couple is living in Italy or after 3 years of marriage if they’re living abroad. These time frames are halved if there are children born or adopted by the married couple. This same provision, under EU law, provides for civil partnerships. …

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Vantaggi fiscali per i non residenti in Italia nel 2022

Sono considerati non residenti tutti gli individui non iscritti per almeno 183 giorni all’interno delle anagrafi comunali italiane. Inoltre, non devono essere in possesso né di domicilio, né di residenza italiana. Se anche solo una di queste condizioni non venisse soddisfatta, i soggetti verrebbero considerati a tutti gli effetti residenti italiani.  Anche i non residenti …

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